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BBC Wildlife Magazine, March 2017
'How do otters cope in winter?' BBC Wildlife Magazine, December 2015
'Best Friends Forever', National Geographic Kids, May 2015

The Field
4) 'Quoth the Raven', The Field, January 2016, pp. 81-84
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1) ‘RSPCA: Animal rights or animal welfare?’ The Field, April 2013, pp. 78-81

The Nature Magpie, monthly column in NFU Countryside magazine since May 2014
Animal instincts, quarterly column in Mental Health Today 2014-2016

Regulating Animal Encounter Providers

'The demand for animal-assisted therapy and such like is increasing – but caution is needed when choosing a provider'. For Dr Daniel Allen it's time to "Think Five Freedoms - Request Five Forms".

'I strongly urge anyone to adopt the same Five Form policy. Without it, the person bringing the zoo to you ‘could be’ inexperienced, uninsured, with a criminal record, have no awareness of safety requirements or what to do in an emergency, using animals unregistered by the local council. The encounter ‘could be’ a potential danger to the safety of children and adults.'

'Animal instincts', Mental Health Today, January-February 2015, p. 21

Clink image for full article 'Otters Eat Fish: Fishery Sues Environment Agency', WILDLIFE EXTRA, January 2013

Small Furry Pets
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Practical Reptile Keeping
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Pet Gazette
3) 'Newshound: The Forgotten Pet', Pet Gazette, December 2013, pp. 20-21 
2) 'Newshound: Where' Mum? Puppy Farming', Pet Gazette, November 2013 pp. 20-21
1) 'Skinny Pigs. The Naked Truth', Pet Gazette, October 2013, pp. 34-35

'Skinny Pigs. The Naked Truth'


Dr Daniel Allen

What Does The Zoo Mean To You? (Sun, 12 Mar 2017)

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Animal Encounters: Registration Reform? (Fri, 07 Aug 2015)

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International Otter Awareness Day (Fri, 22 May 2015)
I have a confession to make. Otters are my animal obsession! This is nothing new. Since early childhood they have been my favourite animal. It started as a six-year old boy - soon after choosing Tarka the Otter in the video rental store.
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What a Difference a Dog Makes (Mon, 15 Dec 2014)
As a columnist for Mental Health Today magazine (Animal Instincts), I always feel privileged when individuals entrust their personal experiences of human-animal companionship. I'm repeatedly humbled by the life-changing unions between humans and animals...
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Animal House: Helping People Help Animals (Fri, 17 Oct 2014)
The world of animal rescue is full of brave, heroic and hard-working individuals. Every rescued animal has experienced tragedy. Every rescue is powered by compassion. Every charity is hoping for broader financial support. Sadly the stories of everyone cannot be shared, but more public exposure will certainly help.
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Poundstretcher "Rabbit Prison": Product Withdrawn (Mon, 18 Aug 2014)
The campaign itself could be seen as proof that informed individuals working together for the same cause really can make a difference to the lives of animals. It also provides an interesting insight into animal welfare micro-campaigning and the power of social media.
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Pound Stretcher's Rabbit Prison Exposed (Wed, 13 Aug 2014)
Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the UK, with an estimated 1.6 million kept in and outside of our homes. They are also the most neglected and mistreated animal companion in the nation. Out-dated preconceptions that rabbits are hutch loving, carrot crunching, cheap, small-child friendly pets is largely to blame.
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"Wild Tigers EXTINCT" (Tue, 05 Aug 2014)

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Who Brings the Zoo to You? (Mon, 21 Jul 2014)
What I dislike is the lack of regulation, and the rise of start-up companies with neither the knowledge nor experience to share such specialist animals with the public. The problem with animal encounter companies can be split broadly into two main areas: animal welfare, and, public safety.
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International Dawn Chorus Day (Fri, 02 May 2014)
Dawn is accompanied by thousands of individual birds advertising their whereabouts and protecting their territories. Together this avian choir awakens the new day with birdsong. The time of the chorus varies around the world, from around 4 a.m. in northern temperate areas, 6 a.m. in the tropics, and as late as 8 a.m. in the southern hemisphere.
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