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Magazine Features

'Otters in Focus', BBC Wildlife Magazine, September 2017
'Separating fact from fiction: otters and anglers', BBC Wildlife Magazine, March 2017
'Fox-hunting row: playing politics with animal welfare', The Conversation, March 15 2017
'What does the zoo mean to you?' Huffington Post UK, March 12 2017
'Quoth the Raven', The Field, January 2016, pp. 81-84
'Stoats and Weasels: The Wild Wooders', The Field, December 2015, pp. 95-98
'How do otters cope in winter?' BBC Wildlife Magazine, December 2015
'Best Friends Forever', National Geographic Kids, May 2015
'The World's Deadliest Snakes', Practical Reptile Keeping, February 2015, pp. 58-59
'On the Slime Trail. Slugs and Snails', Practical Reptile Keeping, December 2013, pp. 44-47
The Forgotten Pet: Rabbits', Pet Gazette, December 2013, pp. 20-21
'Where's Mum? Puppy Farming', Pet Gazette, November 2013 pp. 20-21
'Hedgehog Heroes. Protectors of our Prickly Garden Guests', Small Furry Pets, October-November 2013, pp. 38-41
'The Naked Truth: Skinny Pigs', Pet Gazette, October 2013 pp. 34-35
‘Otterly Charming', The Field, August 2013, pp. 118-121
'From Spongebobs to bullet ants... nature’s unnatural wonders', Daily Express, May 12 2013
'Squirrels in Britain', Small Furry Pets, April-May 2013, pp. 39-41
‘RSPCA: Animal rights or animal welfare?’ The Field, April 2013, pp. 78-81
'Tarantula Talk', Practical Reptile Keeping, March 2013, pp. 14-18
'Going Wild and Staying Safe', Practical Reptile Keeping, February 2013
Clink image for full article 'Otters Eat Fish: Fishery Sues Environment Agency', WILDLIFE EXTRA, January 2013
'Pet Therapy with Reptiles', Practical Reptile Keeping, October 2012, pp. 8-10
‘Otters of the World’, Small Furry Pets, Issue 2, Spring 2012, pp. 50-53
‘Countrycall. An Otter Delight’, Evergreen, Winter 2011, pp. 22-25

Magazine Columns

A Dog's Life, monthly column in Dogs Today Magazine since November 2016
The Nature Magpie, monthly column in NFU Countryside magazine since May 2014
Pet Nation, regular column in Small Furry Pets 2012-2015
Animal instincts, quarterly column in Mental Health Today 2014-2016


Daniel has discussed animal-related issues through this Huffington Post UK blog since January 2014


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Kathryn Snowdon, ''World's Saddest Polar Bear' Arturo Dies At Mendoza Zoo, Argentina, After More Than 20 Years In Captivity', Huffington Post UK, 5 July 2016


Erene Oberholzer, 'New footage shows gorilla Harambe protecting little boy', The South African, 31 May 2016  


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Mia De Graaf, 'The not-so-sweet smell of success! 20 skunks strut their stuff at Britain's first ever beauty contest for the animals', Mail Online, 4 August 2013