Daniel's first enounter with a baby meerkat

“Daniel Allen never had much luck with pets. His first memory of blood was being bitten by a hamster, Chuck the cockatiel used to pluck Daniel’s eyebrows, the family cat used to bite his toes, his brother’s guinea pigs ran away, and the rabbits were sadly taken by a fox. A case of bad luck, perhaps. Pet-ownership was not for him, possibly. Or maybe, just maybe he never met the right species.

After two decades of being pet-free, Daniel needs answers. ‘Pet Nation’ follows the author in search of his perfect pet companion. On this journey around the UK he meets the proud owners of skunks, spiders, raccoons, rats, snakes, sugar gliders, sea horses, crocodiles, capuchins, lemurs, kinkajous, iguanas along with other weird and wonderful species.

As Daniel comes to terms with his unfortunate pet past, he asks candid questions about pet ownership and human-animal identity, raising awareness about the species he meets, encouraging future pet-owners to carefully research potential pets, and stressing the importance animal welfare.”

Dr Daniel Allen's Pet Nation (Trademark UK00003010037)

Dr Daniel Allen's Pet Nation™ started as a personal quest to find his perfect pet, and became a passionate mission to improve the lives of animal companions