Animal Geographer Dr Daniel Allen is a unique commentator of nature and animals. Exploring the cultural significance of animals around the world, Daniel is known for his candid observations on human-wildlife interactions, conservation, and the pet trade. Daniel is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (RGS), an active member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW), and the Media and Policy Advisor for the UK Wild Otter Trust.


Daniel is an acclaimed writer. His first book, Otter (Reaktion Books, 2010), was described by Virginia McKenna OBE as “the most brilliant mix of facts ancient and modern about the otter species”. His second book, The Nature Magpie (Icon Books, 2013), was praised as “a repository of zoological treasures" by Chris Packham, and "miscellany that keeps you turning the pages" by Desmond Morris. Daniel is also the creator and editor of Reaktion Books Earth series. David Bellamy OBE wrote: "What a fantastic idea, science and culture brought down to earth".


A confident media personality, Daniel has been cast as a television presenter by British and American production companies, including US reality TV shows Animal House (2014) and Animal House International (2017). He also regularly appears as a guest on national and regional radio to discuss animal-related topics. Online, his verified account @Dr_Dan_1 has been ranked as number 27 in the world for "Top Influencers in Animal Welfare" on Twitter. 

Monthly Magazine Columns


Every dog has a special story to share. Since November 2016 Daniel Allen has been sharing such stories in his monthly Dogs Today column 'A Dog's Life'.

'The Nature Magpie' nested in NFU Countryside in May 2014 and has been a monthly column since.  

Latest News

'Otters in Focus' Feature in BBC Wildlife Magazine

Learning how to an otter takes time, explains Daniel Allen. Available now in the September 2017 issue. 

Interview in BBC Wildlife Magazine

'Seperating fact from fiction: anglers and otters' was first published in the March 2017 issue. Available now online.

Fact-Finding Mission in Indonesia

In June 2017 Daniel went on a fact-finding mission in Indonesia to explore the animal realities and connect with animal advocates.

What does the zoo mean to you?

Daniel Allen's Huffington Post article has led to interviews about the role of zoos - BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio Wales, and BBC Radio Essex