Dr Daniel Allen


Dr Daniel Allen is a commentator on all things nature.


An academic, author, otter expert, journalist, media personality, and fellow of the Royal Geographical Society; Daniel's unique perspective and passionate approach is widely acclaimed.



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November 2014. Daniel is a special guest on Channel 4's Daily Brunch - talking about otter conservation. 


October 2014. Daniel becomes co-host of US reality TV show Animal House - the pilot is filmed in Othello, Washington state. 


April 2014. The Nature Magpie becomes a column in NFU Countryside magazine

Chris Packham praises The Nature Magpie, kindly providing a cover quote for the paperback released in February 2014


December 2013. The Nature Society makes the cover of the Folio Society Recommends catalogue


July 2013. Daniel teams up with Midnight Oil Productions as television presenter


An unexpected consequence of the late arrival of spring was Daniel's appearance on and national and regional radio:
BBC Radio 5 Live: Go to 1.53.30

BBC Radio Berkshire: Go to 1.27.20 


Daniel was an expert juror and VIP guest at The British Animal Honours 2013. ITV broadcast the awards show on Thursday 18 April at 8pm.


Daniel Allen's new book, The Nature Magpie, was released by Icon Books on May 2, 2013. Click here to see the exclusive sampler.

Pet Nation started as Daniel's personal quest to find his perfect pet. It became a magazine column, brought together trusted animal professionals, caught the imagination of the public, and continues to raise awareness about pet welfare
"A miscellany that keeps you turning the pages" - Dr Desmond Morris
"the most brilliant mix of facts ancient and modern about the otter species" - Virginia McKenna OBE
"What a fantastic idea, science and culture brought down to earth" - David Bellamy OBE

 “I consider Daniel Allen to be the Brian Cox of animal science”
Margrit Coates, Author of Communicating with Animals

Animal Geographer Dr Daniel Allen is a unique commentator of nature and animals. Exploring the cultural significance of animals around the world, Daniel is known for his candid observations on human-wildlife interaction, conservation, animal assisted therapy, and the pet trade. 

A confident media personality, Daniel has been cast as a television presenter by British and American production companies, including US reality TV show Animal House (2014). He has also appeared on Channel 4's Daily Brunch (2014), ITV's British Animal Honours (2013), BBC 5Live (2013), and BBC Radio Berkshire (2013).

Daniel is an acclaimed writer, contributing columns to The Huffington Post, Mental Health Today (Animal Instincts), Countryside (The Nature Magpie), and, Small Furry Pets (Pet Nation), and is the author of two books. 

Daniel’s first book, Otter (Reaktion Books, 2010), was described by Virginia McKenna OBE as “the most brilliant mix of facts ancient and modern about the otter species”. His latest book, The Nature Magpie (Icon Books, 2013), was praised as “part Walden Pond, part Origin of Species, and part Ripley’s Believe It Or Not”, by Dr Hal Herzog. Daniel is also the creator and editor of Reaktion Books Earth series. David Bellamy OBE wrote: "What a fantastic idea, science and culture brought down to earth".

Daniel's current academic research focuses on animal assisted therapy and the human-animal bond.

The Nature Magpie was released in paperback in February 2014. Cover quote from Chris Packham


Desmond Morris. The Naked Ape (1967), The Human Zoo (1969), Manwatching (1977), Animal Days (1979), Catwatching (1986), Dogwatching (1986), Horsewatching (1987), Animalwatching (1990), Babywatching (1991), Peoplewatching (2002), Planet Ape (2002), Owl (2009). This is not a full list of publications.

The Nature Magpie: "A miscellany that keeps you turning the pages"


David Bellamy OBE

Earth series: "What a fantastic idea, science and culture brought down to earth."

Virginia McKenna OBE, Founder of Born Free Foundation

Otter: “It is the most brilliant mix of facts ancient and modern about the otter species and its vulnerability to mans seemingly insatiable need to hunt the poor animal for reasons other than survival. I am sure the book will help to ensure that the hunting of otters will never return to this country, and I hope other lands will follow this example. A fascinating and illuminating book.”